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tv   Lou Dobbs Tonight  FOX Business  March 23, 2013 10:00am-11:00am EDT

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the rest are iphone. gerri willis will be back on monday. thank you for joining us. u: good evening, everybody. president obama wrapping up his middle eastern tour with a stop in jordan today. a nation wracked with turmoil as syrian refugees are pouring across the border, fleeing the violence being inflicted by the bashar al-assad regime. president obama expressing frtration withhose who question the president about why the united states is not doing more to intervene in the syrian conflict. >> it is fair to say that the
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united states often finds itself in a situation where does criticize militarily. if we don't go in militarily, then people ask why we are not doing something. lou: senator carl levin, pushing president obama to take a hands-on approach to the removal of bashar al-assad. and as senator john mccain looking for a no-fly zone to be instituted. while calling for surgical airstrikes to help drive the bashar al-assad. the president repeated that any evidence of this weapon to use would be a game changer, as he put it. president obama defended his administration's reluctance to use mlitary force to quell the syrian civil war. >> when we are working with the syrians themselves, so this is
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not externally imposed, but rather something that is linked directly with the aspirations of the people inside of syria, it will work better. lou: the king has also said the same. inside jordan comment they are the they deliveredwith answer should bashar al-assad we powers. >> we need to institute a transition as quickly as possible. if the issue ever came up, all of us would have to put our heads together and figure out if that would help the balance quickly. lou: the senate in the midst of
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a vote. their eressions, not ours. a senate budget bill being passed for the first time in more than four years. the congressional budget act of 1974 was signed into law. we will be taking that up with the "a-team." angela mcglowan, james toronto and doug schoen. our first guest is here to evaluate obama's middle east tour. today's focus on the enormous price on jordan as a result of the syrian civil war. joining me now is judith miller and quivered lifford may. it is a very big positive impression with this to her, if
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not a concrete result. >> it was an extraordinary tour. the israelis called it a thermo nuclear charm offensive. talk about a restart in a relationship that was crying out. basically the president figured out do you attract more bees with honey in a country like israel who did everything he had to do to put a relationship on cose. lou: wasn't he inconsistent to be talking about peace in the middle east? at the same time that he was threatening bashar al-assad and a wrong? >> yes, but they are both provocative. they are both belligerent. they are destabilizing forces and have been for years. he understands that the israelis
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are reliable allies, valuable allies in many ways. they are in a difficult neighborhood. th israelis, two years ago obama called for it. it's going to be dicey. iran is still the world's leading sponsor of terrorism,. lou: the president use the expression game changer if it were to occur. was his visit to israel a game changer? >> i think iis a little too early to tell. what we do't know is what those two men said behind closed doors. we should have no illusions here. however warm and cozy it can be.
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lou: however cozy the relationship. however warm the reception. these gentlemen have distinctly different things when it comes around. >> i almost agree. not entirely. i don't think thee have different agendas. i think that everything that was said, what you heard is that obama and benjamin netanyahu were much closer together are not. what obama said, he said we are not going to allow iran to have nuclear weapons. he said we are not going to allow them to have weapons in an attempt to contain them. they were much closer than they have been. a very k subject. a. lou: let's turn to something that i did not want to hear. that was america and president
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obama are ready to attack iran. i found that there could be all sorts of excuses and rationalizations and reasons that the president of israel said that. judy, this is too bellicose for my taste. >> i think that he says exactly what is on his mind. i think that a 90-year-old president who helped israel acquire its own nuclear weapons, they were reminding israel and the united states at the top agenda item for israel is making sure that iran does not process redline. i think the two men are not
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closer to coming to an agreement on what that definition is. lou: if you would like to respond, please. >> it is a tricky issue. the u.s. and israel have different capabilities. now, those capabilities, we don't know what is backstage between the two men. did obama say if you go independently, we will have your back, i am not just saying that -- but we will? did he say we will give you weapons capabilities? so you can wait a little bit longer and be patient? we do not know. but the things they want to hear, i think obama reduced his parameters because it very
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clear. it was very different from what vice president biden said. lou: with all due respect to the vice president, i will leave it at that. thank you. much more on the president's trip in tonight's broadcast. we will be right back. >> nbc had three winning programs. so it's natural that they would want to dump the host of one of those three with governor andrew cuomo helping them out. we will show you tonight's "chalk talk" coming out. and the "a-team" is coming right up. they are pretty excited. the senate taking up a budget for the first time in 1423 days. [ engine revving ]
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lou: it is democracy by expediency. amendment after amendment, and vote after vote. with the aim of passing a budget for the first time in the senate in more than four years. the "a-team" will be here in just a moment. the so-called votearama. their words, not ours. e s&p is up, the nasdaq is up to. big board shares, stocks doing well. however boeing launched it will
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have to lay off workers. in the commodity market, gold is down 7.5. crude oil is $93 per barrel and the bond market, the yield over a ten-year closing out the week yielng 1.92%. cyprus political leaders nearing a deal to resolve their financial crisis and avoid a rescue plan. providing for the creation of a good bank and that they split. principally the cyprus bank. that deal will be presented this weekend, clearing the way for what would be a
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13 billion-dollar bailout. in full swing, the senate looking to rid itself of this notorious record of passing a budget. thirty-two of 100 senators are vong for a budget for the first time in their public careers. doing it now is the "a-team." fox news contributor doug schon. angela mcglowan. we are so glad to have you. >> there is nothing like self-preservation. in 2014, 20 of them will be up for senator reelection and harry reid wants to get them reelected. the bottom line is that the
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company hasn't passed the budget. lou: are we going to s resolution? includin the remainder of this fiscal year. they did go down the pol roger ryan budget out while back. lou: it was not brought forward by the biden administration. but it was a voting effect in terms of procedure. but let's get to the issue here. what does the future hold for us? we are moving forward for a new
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fiscal year. >> the senate will pass a budget come in the house will house will pass a budget. they will be miles apart. this is basically a political document. the house wanted to force the senate to pass budget. this was part of the deal by extending the debt ceiling. because they wanted to make the democrats vote on a budget. lou: how can so many members of our senate ontinued to spend whatever and the like they have on these procedural maneuvers. >> that is basically what the senate does. >> there i go. >> constituency to get the house and the senate together. no presidential leadership t for a grand bargain. no sense that we can reform the tax system and entitlements. perform defense and have a
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rational rational and reasonable defense. >> why in the world is the president of the united states not moving forward with a budget that would be a blueprint to resolving those proposals? >> the words that seem to be operative here are cowardice or opportunism. it haso be one of the two. >> to do the wrong thing continually is not the act of a coward. lou: are you saying that the president is incapable of doing the right thing? >> i'm comparing how talented this man is. >> why doesn't he apply that? >> you know, that turns out to be laughable. the odds are empirically before him. you know, thats just unreasonable. >> there is another word we are leaving out, which is ideology.
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the republicans are rightly not going to agree with that. >> i think that when the senate passes a bill, you hammer things out. the one you want regular order. >> that is right. lou: all right, my goodness. i do want you to chat with me about the balanced budget. he does it in five years. rand paul's budget. very quickly, the names of those departments. education and energy, about 73,000 federal employees. >> i think that his budget is reckless and irresponsible.
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it has no chance of passage. >> i think it is a very good plan. >> i would like to add six federal agencies. >> we have commerce -- books -- energy, hard. [laughter] >> he is just doing a rick perry impression for us to bring back a moment of nostalgia. the a-team is going to be right back with us. more with the a-team leader later in the broadcast. up next, governor cuomo running a helping hand to hollywood. the governor is learning why you don't mess with gun control. not even in new york state. that is coming up next.
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lou: new york's governor is paying a steep political price for the strictest gun control law. the university poll out this week showing his approval rating plunging from a high of 74% back in december. as a result of signing that gun control law into effect. that new gun law, it has been a disaster since dayone. no public hearings open at all.
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just put into law with his signature. these are democrats. this is their idea of government. everybody in the country needs to be paying attention to what the democrats and in some cases a handful of republicans are doing. at a time when we should be talking about transparency on the issues of our time. we are simply being brushed aside by imperious and elitist government. just a few days later, lawakers admitted they were adopting law enforcement officers. imagine not. a month later, they said they wanted to use banned assault weapons. earlier this week, governor cuomadmitted that he had to amend the law. because it bans the sale of
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this. they didn't even think about that. the idiocy of the whole process is astounding. new report out today saying that governor cuomo is trying to lure the "tonight show" back to manhattan. that is right, nbc with three shows is trying to, well, basicalldump the host of one of their three winning shows. these are brilliant people. right and to get the show back to manhattan providing 30 percent tax break if it decides to leave to caper but it is no secret that cuomo likes hollywood but shocking are his priorities. employees just under 200
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people. the production budget amounts $80 million. that's nice. on thether hand, the gun industry with the states of new york supports about 12,000 jobs. 12,000 jobs. and and is responsible for $2 billion of econom output. i don't think the politicians as being the brightest people in the country by any means but even your politicians can't figure this out. there are f issues more politically toxic from gun-control as governor cuomo has learned and colorado's governor will arn very soon.
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a poll showed only 32% of colorado believes the new laws signed into law recently, two days ago, will reduce crime and make this date saver. 65% -- state safer. 65 pcent say it will not. these are bright guys but apparently they are so smart they are smarter than the people they represent. i am guessing they will learn differently. but polls nationwide as the games played in washington as pure nonsense. >> the final ig report on "fast & furious". can you say white paper and
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whitewash? national puppy day. meet our friend from the sas p california. california and not let immigrants have driv's licenses and then has to be challenged before the supreme court we take this up next.
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lou: the first major legal battle -- in an arizona federal court attorneys for five illegal immigrants argue they are eligible to remain in the united states than they are challenging the legality of the state government. as jim never were denies licenses the state says
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deportation does not confer the lawful status if it does not entitle them to public benefits the judge said he will issue a ruling over the next few weeks. my next guest am are with us. good to have you. there are only three states in the union in mexico, washington, utah that permit licenses for illegal immigrants. what could be wrong with the executive order in arizona? >> let me ask you. >> the issue boils down to executive order as the supreme law of the land and will this be allowed? is said police power? is it a privilege and what
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entitles tte immigrant to that status they are able to be the rights of a citizen? the u.s. district court judge has to make the determination what exactly is the status for those states privileges. lou: what is your sense? an executive order of deportation? is that the supreme law of the land? >> in e case of deferment that the federal governmen has a conflict, the state needs to look to the federal constitution article six. but between the two federal law usually wins. it needs to be looked at the intent of congress and for those who are illegal immigrants rather than the deferred resident under the obama administration. lou: a battle of two
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executive orders. >> that is probably how the judge will decide, and a federal judge will probably say the federal government is in charge. and and it do control immigration generally. but this is a very specific aspect. kim and a state have the power, or is obligated, to give a state driver's license? it is not federal license. the driver's license is controlled by the state's deep policy is controlled by the fed. the governor had toake this position because her state suffers the most from the immigration problem. lou: absolutely. the states of arizona has been upheld in the majority he had to defend state law before the supreme court. i want to bring the audience up to date that is not being
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reported. with a deferred order by president obama, only three states peit drivers licenses for illegal immigrants but as many as 40 states are now interpreting the deferred deportation order to confer thatright day make moves to pass that into law as the executive order or a change as a result of the deportation order it is a startling trend or attention is not brought to either. now let's turn to the export -- expert witness what you
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make of this man? has he destroyed single-handedly whenever there was for the defense? >> he tries to find any reasonable doubt and says there is a possibility there is a psychological disorder so they could find her not ilty of premeditated murders and he is there to get a ror to think maybe there is a psychological issue we cannot grasp, he is the expert and we should rely on him cement she puts forward a self-defense claim but testifying over 18-- she never said the words you need to say with self-defense and actually said she was not in favor -- in fear. said now they bring in the expert that she is sufferingg3 from posttraumatic stress
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disorder so when he moved a certain way she had that fight or flight to mentality that is what is going on in her mind. i don't think it will work but she probably will not get said death penalty because she was on the stand so long. >> bringing it ready yet to date which is extraordinary if you have been wondering wondering, this case has amounted to over $800,000 for attorneys' fees and experts, it does not include jail or court costs or any infrastructure. >> i hate saying this but
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the prosecutor deserves blame he could have cross-examined over one day not wealth. >> have a great weekend. to join the discussion and get the links on our face but page and e-mail me at "fast & furious" the attorney-general the highest ranking officer in the country is under contempt of congress the inspector general seems to have provided of way to provide cover for secretary of common security and customs director. we will find out more next. copd makes it hard to breathe, but with advair, i'm breathing better. so now i can be in the scene.
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lou: republicans accusing a
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fertilizer company for using one point* $3 billion of u.s. taxpayer funded bonds to build a new plant in the state of indiana. according to the pentagon pakistan may fertilizer makers chemicals has been used in 80 percent of the roadside bombs that killed troops in afghanistan and pakistan the government is blocking efforts to help the company changed the fertilizer formula. officials have suspended state support pending an investigation. this seems like a long overdue investigation. doesn't it? >> to permit a common security is out with a repo on operation "fast & furious" it found neither ice director morton origin and an apology on a new about "fast & furious" and tell bright interior was
10:46 am
murdered. one eyes agent did try to sound the alarm including the agent in charge never read reports s they said and never told washington. bright antares family told fox news they were not contacted by the inspector general and they are very disappointed with the quality and the depth of the inveigation. philadelphia police are asking for the help for a good man who oped fire inside a takeout restaurant. it shows the gunman trying to force his way into the store as six people inside try to take cover and struggle to keep the door closed and may have saved their lives. the government eventually firing shots, ran from the scene.
10:47 am
three victims suffered non-life threatening injuries. pleas of not given a motive than they do not have a suspect. sparkingtaxpayer outrage a government contract posted on line shows the vice3 president one day trip to paris costs taxpayers over half a million dollars over one day, $585,000 just for the five-star hotel. let's move on. taxpayers got a slightly better deal the foowing night in london that was $460,000. talk about big shots the senate is talking about passing a budget.
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lou: back with us we have the "a team." doug, the issue of when we boil down what is going on between the united states and israel is the of question the president to answer, should we be intervening with syria? should we or not be stopping iran from getting the bomb? >> start with syria. if what the israelis have said in the government is using chemical weapons, that
10:52 am
is a red line that has been crossed. we cannot allow it. lou: categorically i did not believe the reports. >> i do. >> they have not been corroborated bayou have a passion about it. >> i believe the cia is taking a back seat on this one. lou: the cia takes a backseat to any intelligence agency in the world. i do not believe that for a moment. >> i do. lou: we have something of a real divide. let's go to the facts. do want to attack syria? >> i want to be prepared. lou: we are always prepared. >> if it is corroborated. lou: in the national interest of the united states of amica to attack
10:53 am
syria? >> if corroboration, yes. >> very good. go to iran. [laughter] >> i am not sure about syria. my initial instinct is to agreree to say the veery cautious and evuate our national interests. with iran, to hinder the nuclear program scares the hell out of me but so does them getting their hands on nuclear weapons. it is hard eithe way. >> what scares the hell out of me we have a president that wants to take away our guns but wants to attack iran and syria so if they attack us hear we don't have the right to bear arms under the obama administration. >> we need more robust form
10:54 am
policy we need assault weapons. >> you don't think so? okay. all right. >> i agree with angela. >> thank you, james. lou: i agree with both of you. i don't see how you reconcile that. if you for your terrorism we're told by homeland security that there are already agents of al qaeda working. why would you not want to make certain all citizens were armed and prepared? that would be the same rights of israelis citizens. >> quite a number of terrorist attacks in israel. lou: i do suggesting we should have lesser rights? >> we are both sable democracies.
10:55 am
lou: net was not the question. should we have to commend the question was the same. >> budget israelis have uzi. >> bet stricter than chicago. >> boom. lou: you are taking up my puppy time. up next a couple of very cute friends join us to celebrate national puppy day. i love those puppies. [ engine revving ] ♪ [ male announcer ] every car we build must make adrenaline pump and pulses quicken. ♪
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get an advanced start if my dogs at home see this, say hi. don't worry. take it easy. since 2006 dog lovers across the country celebrates the unofficial hiday on march 23rd that is tamara to bring awareness of the problems of puppy mills and promote adoption through shelters. joining us now is the senior director of the puppy mills campaign at the aspca and she brought with her closely and boss. agree to have you. the campaign against the puppy mills we hear about it tell us why you were so engaged in dealing with the issue to stop it. >> the aspca cond


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